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Teeth Whitening With Zoom and Glo!

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Teeth whitening products and procedures have flooded the marketplace for the past few years. It seems there is always a new way or product to whiten your teeth. However, the best way to whiten your teeth is to visit a dentist. There are many differences between professional teeth whitening that your dentist can provide and whitening done at a salon, or over the counter. The largest difference between professional and non professional whitening in the strength, ONLY a dentist can administer prescription strength whitening. At our office we have materials that are over 10x stronger than whitening done at home or in a salon. Whitening with a high strength material gives results that are intended to last.  The best Buffalo Dentists today use Glo and Zoom teeth whitening devices on his/her patients. Glo and Zoom devices use LED light and heat in conjunction with a hydrogen peroxide gel to achieve whiter teeth.

The benefits of using Zoom and Glo to get great white teeth are:

Deeper whitening

Diligent brushing of your teeth will whiten them in the long run. Using home teeth whitening kits and doing it yourself may also yield results. However, for a deeper long lasting whitening of your teeth, a professional cleaning and whitening is undoubtedly the best option. It is impossible to replicate the results achieved by specialized dental equipment and materials like the ones you will find in a dentist’s office. Therefore, if you want deep whitening that requires the least amount of maintenance using Glo and Zoom are your best options.

Quick and dependable

Some do it yourself processes for teeth whitening are strenuous and time consuming to say the least. For example having to apply a paste to all your teeth individually and scrapping it off in the same manner can take a significant amount of effort. The worst part is that all that work may amount to naught. Your teeth may brighten for only a few days or weeks and you have to repeat the cumbersome process. When a dentist uses Glo and Zoom devices to whiten your teeth, you can rest assured that your teeth will be white for a long time despite the process only taking a few minutes.


If you use whitening strips, home teeth whitening procedures or any over the counter teeth whitening materials you are probably using a one size fits all procedure that may not be sufficient for your teeth. A visit to the dentist ensures that your teeth whitening procedure is designed to meet your specific needs. The amount of whitening you want can be customized and it can be done in the areas of your mouth that mostly needs the whitening.

Safer and less painful

Any generic medical procedure that you can do from the comfort of your home is bound to have an element of uncertainty. The same goes for do it yourself teeth whitening processes. Most of the above procedures cause damage to your gums and teeth making them more sensitive and prone to injury. A professional teeth whitening session will always be safer since the dentist will have done the procedure countless times. Vulnerable parts of your mouth will be protected and the process is monitored by the dentist and most likely an assistant the whole way. A dentist will also be authorized to use anesthetics which make the procedure less painful.

Personal Improvement

The biggest benefit to using Glo and Zoom for whiter teeth is the brighter smile. A bright smile gives you incredible self-confidence and gives you an aura of authority and success. The confidence you gain from having whiter teeth will spread far into everything you do. A whiter smile is more attractive which will draw opportunities and people to you. The difference of appearing more confident and successful in your everyday life cannot be overstated.