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Men’s Dental Health

men's dental health

While oral and dental health care is an essential lifestyle practice, men tend to take it more lightly. Consequently, they experience more dental related complications, including oral infections, gum diseases, teeth decay, among several others. Even though some of these complications may be as a result of other disorders in the body such as diabetes and heart diseases, poor health practices contribute majorly to deterioration of men’s dental health.

Types of Oral and Dental Disorders

After prolonged deprived dental care, you are likely to experience various related issues. Some of the conditions are remediable, while others may cause serious complications such as loss of teeth. Men usually experience one or more problems during their entire lifetime.

Oral Cancers

Among the oral-related men’s health issues, cancer is a relatively terrifying condition. The tongue, lips, mouth palate, and gums are the most exposed parts to cancer. Tobacco smoking and chewing increase oral cancer risk.

Hypersensitive teeth

Teeth have nerve endings connected to them for sensitivity to different temperatures in the mouth. However, poor oral hygiene leads to teeth being too sensitive, which causes pain and discomfort. Even though oversensitivity might be as a result of natural enamel emaciation process, conditions such as gum diseases may lead to the condition. Good news is that specific toothpaste made for people with sensitivity issues helps control the situation.


Gum inflammation condition is referred to as gingivitis. Gingivitis results from poor teeth brushing habits, which leads to a build-up of plaque. This condition is noticeable through signs such a bleeding gum mostly when you brush, and if not attended to, it can result in a more severe disease known as periodontitis.

Teeth decay

After persistent poor oral hygiene, teeth usually get permanently damaged. At this state, teeth undergo decay and develop cavities. Plaque that results from poor brushing practices provides a habitat for bacteria and acid, which disintegrate teeth tissues.

How to prevent dental health conditions

Maintaining health care practices can help keep you away from developing either of these disorders. You should follow these guidelines for outstanding oral health:

1. Eat healthily

Whatever gets into your body impacts various systems directly, whether positively or negatively. A healthy diet, which entails plenty of vegetables and fruits, affects the general performance of your body, thereby preventing conditions that might affect your oral health.

2. Regular teeth brushing

Hygiene is the key to dental health, and you should ensure that by all means. It is recommended that you brush after every meal, or else at least twice per day. Besides brushing, dental floss can also help maintain hygiene.

3. Visit a dentist

After a relatively short while, you should pay a visit to a dentist for checkups. A dentist can identify a developing problem and act upon it, as well as offering instructions on what practices you should uphold to maintain an oral health condition.

Remedies to Oral and Dental Disorders

The overall solution to dental issues is the maintenance of proper hygiene. However, if some conditions have worsened, rectifying them might require you to visit professional dentists. They will perform improved practices in a bid to remedy your dental condition.

Professionals have specialized in techniques for prevention and remedy of oral health conditions. They offer services such as cavity detection and filling, oral cancers screening, dental implants, teeth cleaning and whitening, customized mouth guards, partials and dentures, among other practices aimed at maintaining and restoring your elegant smile.